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Gallery Folders

Claude Faustus
Very Early Days by The-Oncoming-Storm
I b trollin by The-Oncoming-Storm
Claude Faustus... Reborn by N3koSebMitsuJay
Spider King by ZouaA
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis (Graphite Sketch) by saeglopur12
evil seb by 666phantomoftheopera
Sebastian Michaelis by AnnaProvidence
Sebastian Michaelis by AnnaProvidence
Grell Sutcliff by AnnaProvidence
Grell Sutcliff in pencil by Chaoz14
Grell in Wonderland by Chaoz14
William EPIC by CynderSpyro
Stop it, please!! by Kuroi-Mitsu
Trick or Treat by 0MadWhiteRabbit0
Alois and Ciel by 0MadWhiteRabbit0
Fuck fanservice... by DeerAzeen
Other Characters
Draw This Again Meme-Drocell(AGAIN! XD) by 0MadWhiteRabbit0
Forgotten by 0MadWhiteRabbit0
Immortal by Sorablood

Mature Content

Lights off by Kuroi-Mitsu

Mature Content

Mature Content

Hello, Mr.Bunny by bc-hell
One hell of butler by LaylaKurai
Just a butler by LaylaKurai
BORED RED HEAD! 3 by victoriahellsing
BORED RED HEAD! 2 by victoriahellsing
Time For Tea, Bocchan by DarkCommencement
Guess Who, Ciel by TokyoSquid
Sebastian Ciel Wallpaper by XIn-My-Darkest-HourX
All the better to eat you up by kimagattinanera
ClaudexAlois: Don't Lick Me by kay-sama
ClaudexAlois: Claimed by kay-sama
bzzzz... by hellfckinway
Ciel Phantomhive
Is You That Should Have Afraid Of Me Now by 0MadWhiteRabbit0
Ciel's Letter by RetardedJackSparrow
Demon Butlers... by RetardedJackSparrow
Moving Too Slow - Ciel by Sasurealian
Alois Trancy
Kanashii fuyu by 666phantomoftheopera
Devil Highness-Alois Trancy by Ryu-x-Miyu
Demon Alois WIP by kay-sama
Alois Trancy by KokonaKamelot
That's An Order



Group Rules

Rule #1: Anything submitted to this group must be Kuroshitsuji or Kuroshitsuji II related.

Rule #2: It MUST have a TONGUE in there somewhere. Hence the name and purpose of this group's dedication.
^^^I'll accept a parted mouth at the very least.

Rule #3: Please submit your work to the correct folder(s). We have 100+ members now, so I'll no longer sort them for you. ^^^Also, please don't submit to Featured. My Co-Founders and I will decide what we believe should be Featured.

Rule #4: Please NO screen-shots, tracings or work that wasn't created by you.
^^^I, personally, love them... but people are getting reported and such because of them *sigh*

Rule #5: No hating. Please only leave positive feedback, comments and constructive criticism! Bitching won't be tolerated and I WILL kick you out.
^^^You get 1 warning, so if you are caught or reported being horrible twice, you're out.

Rule #6: Have fun and enjoy the Demon Butler Tongue goodness!
Hi everyone :) for tose just joinoing welcome, to those who have been with us since the begining, its been awhile but we are still here, just well busy with life :p

YES TONGUE poeple..its the point of this group :lick: unfortunately some people keep submitting wonderful stuff that has no tongue in it. Having tongue or a parted mouth (a parted mouth DOES NOT mean bearing your characters teeth!! it means having their mouth open!!) is the genrally the only requirement to be able to submit (aside from the obvious beeing related to Kuroshitsuji and nothing infringing on copyright)

so let me make this simple: your submissions need to be kuro/tongue/ open mouth or i wont accept them :)

thanks fpr listening --for those who havent, dont ask me why your submission has been rejected, it clearly states in our rules...its even the name of our group what were here for
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xXHopevsInsanityXx Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I had to watch this right away, This was funny AF.
blondefox910 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
I am sorry I love Sebastian's tongue better then Claude's tongue Sebastian is more sexier then Claude sorry I hate your tongue but I love Sebastian's tongue
BlindAndBeautiful Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
100 points for a black butler contest!
Donations are welcome to increase the point value and to gain more than one winner!
Enter, donate, and spread the word, please!
SweetStreetGX Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Thanks for accepting me! Happy new year! :)
MC-Jang Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to be able to join this group. Demon butler tongue's are sexah~!
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